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Strengthening Core and Abdominal Muscles: A Key to Alleviating Back Pain

Discover the key to alleviating back pain - strengthening your core and abdominal muscles. Research from Mayo Clinic and Spine journal confirms the link between core strength and back pain relief. Incorporate targeted exercises like planks, bridges, Pilates, and explore the benefits of yoga. Learn how to regain control and manage back pain effectively in our latest blog post.

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Will an Orthopedic Pillow Help my Back Pain?

If you’ve ever experienced back pain, you know it can be an episode in frustration looking for solutions. Your certain that if you can just find that “right” position, or try yet another stretching exercise your doctor recommends, maybe, just maybe you’ll get some relief. You’re told it’s your weight, it’s your pregnancy, it’s your posture, along with so many other things. Look, regardless of what caused the pain such as an accident, a fall, or having a baby, the reality is that when you’re suffering, you’re desperate to find help. That’s where an orthopedic pillow comes in. A solution most don't consider.  Did you know that there was a study on this very topic by the Journal of Physical Therapy...

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Exercises to Help with Posture and Relieve Lower Back Pain

  If you’ve been struggling with lower back pain, odds are it’s directly related to your poor posture. Especially if you spend the day hunched over your laptop!  With millions of people switching to stand up desks and getting laptop stands to decrease the need to slouch and look down at the screen, people are becoming more and more aware of the negative effects that a desk job could have on your back. But for most, it’s extremely hard to avoid the common posture mistakes that lead to back pain. A laptop stand or a standing desk isn’t always an option for everyone.  With that being said, the best option for you might be to hit the gym or spend...

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Do You Have Bad Posture?

Bad posture can be a big part of the reason your back has been bothering you. The amount of pressure it puts on your spine can cause lingering issues. Do you hunch when you’re at your work desk? Maybe you slouch in your chair. Day after day, the compound effects of this poor posture creates muscle tension and back pain.

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Benefits of Stretching for Back Pain

Are there benefits of stretching for back pain? The National Health Service (NHS) in the UK thinks so... In fact, they offer a wide range of stretching tips to help alleviate back pain. Though, they also mention that bad posture accounts for a wide range of issues. What exactly does stretching your body do, and how does it help?

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