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Do You Have Bad Posture?

Bad posture can be a big part of the reason your back has been bothering you. The amount of pressure it puts on your spine can cause lingering issues. Do you hunch when you’re at your work desk? Maybe you slouch in your chair. Day after day, the compound effects of this poor posture creates muscle tension and back pain.


do i have bad posture


Here's a great article from the comprehensive spine institute detailing what bad posture is and how you can improve it.

What can I do to improve my posture?

While there are stretches that may help alleviate some of the tension, there’s an easier solution to help you not only correct your posture, but also have a lasting effect.

A posture harness or belt can be a quick, affordable fix that not only resurrects your posture, but helps alleviate the pain of sore muscles from all that slouching or other behaviors that cause stress on your spine. How about this one? Do you ever cradle a phone between your shoulder and neck?

lumbar back stretcher

These habits lead to bad posture. Bad posture leads to pain. You need to get to the root of the problem, not simply put a bandage over the pain. Once you correct your posture, the problems fade and you’re left feeling stronger, better, and aren’t constantly rubbing at your sore muscles hoping they’ll go away.

Did you know…?

Did you know, according to Harvard Health Publishing which is the media division of Harvard Medical School, bad posture can also lead to other troubling conditions: heartburn, incontinence, and constipation.

A posture corrector is the first step in helping your posture issues. You’ll also want to add a stretching routine, which can lessen the amount of tension in your sore muscles. And with anything, if you have ongoing pain, always consult with a doctor. In the meantime, there are alternative methods of helping your body. A simple, affordable solution is to start with correcting your bad posture.

effects of bad posture

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