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Will an Orthopedic Pillow Help my Back Pain?

If you’ve ever experienced back pain, you know it can be an episode in frustration looking for solutions.

Your certain that if you can just find that “right” position, or try yet another stretching exercise your doctor recommends, maybe, just maybe you’ll get some relief.

You’re told it’s your weight, it’s your pregnancy, it’s your posture, along with so many other things.

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Look, regardless of what caused the pain such as an accident, a fall, or having a baby, the reality is that when you’re suffering, you’re desperate to find help.

That’s where an orthopedic pillow comes in. A solution most don't consider. 

Did you know that there was a study on this very topic by the Journal of Physical Therapy Science? You can read the full report on the NCBI’s U.S. National Library of Medicine. In fact, the findings will excite you.

There were significant differences in the changes in pain intensity and LROM (lumbar range of motion) between the BCP (Back care pillow) group and CG (control group)

Significant differences. To a back-pain sufferer, that’s something that should make you smile. If you haven’t used an orthopedic pillow, now might be the time to finally try one.

An orthopedic pillow helps gently correct your posture. It can help align your spine which reduces the amount of stress placed on your back. This is a win-win.

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It’s an affordable option that most any one can access, saves you time and the hassle of chasing ideas that don’t have research behind them, and best of all you’ll finally find the comfort you’ve been desperate for.

With a break from back pain, your entire outlook is better. Chronic pain saps both your mental and physical energy, but with a simple and affordable fix, you’ll be back to feeling like yourself in no time. 

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