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The Posture Corrector Diaries 1: At Work

office worker having back pain problems from long sitting

How is your posture corrector experience an average day at work? And how does it help you stay healthy and self confident even after a long and busy day? After you put it on, you forget that you are wearing your back brace. But it is there to take away your muscle stress, pain and discomfort.

The Morning Routine: Put on Your Posture Corrector and Get Ready for Work

Your daily adventure with your back posture brace starts early in the morning. You go through your usual routine of washing your face, styling your hair and getting dressed. As you sip your coffee in a hurry and take a few bites of breakfast, the back support ensures that you do not hunch over the table and put pressure on your stomach.

Before you started using a posture corrector, heartburn and stomach cramps used to be your morning companions, especially after you ate breakfast in a hurry.

Getting Started: Sorting Your Emails and To-Do List

Once you reach the office, you are met with a pile of documents you have to deal with and a long list of new emails. Even with an ergonomic office chair, you still had a slouching position as you went through all these documents, while trying to type something at the computer at the same time.

The posture corrector for men or women under your clothes prevents you from making a wrong movement which would stretch your neck or back muscles too much. Without the sense of tension in your muscles, you go through your to-do list faster and more efficiently.

Those Long Internal Meetings

Let us be honest: few of us enjoy long meetings. Many of them do not have a properly structured agenda. Sometimes, a person interrupts the discussion and throws it off topic. This is when you start slouching in your chair as a sign of boredom.

But your posture corrector is there to make sure your back is straight and you do not overexert your lumbar section. Thus, when you get up from the chair at the end of the meeting, you will no longer feel the familiar lower back pain.

Working in Groups around a Table

Brainstorming and team work are on your schedule almost every day. If the conference room is not free, you usually bring your laptop and chair to a colleague’s desk and turn it into an ad-hoc meeting area.

The cramped space makes you turn, stretch your back and neck and hunch over the table to see what your colleagues demonstrate on their screen. However, your back muscles and spine are safe, because the back brace makes you maintain a correct posture at all times.

Finally, the working day is over and you get back home. As you take off your posture corrector, you realize that you do not have the sense of fatigue you used to have before you started using it. You are still full of energy and ready to spend quality time with your family.

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